Adictd2grow is one of Australia’s leading Addiction Education Service Providers

Conquer Your Mind : Unleash Your Soul

Speaks to the mental wellbeing and personal growth required to achieve ‘life transforming reinvention’

DISCOVER your genius: UNDERSTAND finally  what has been holding you back :

To TRANSFORM every aspect of your personal and professional life!



12 Week fast Track


Bespoke Group

Adictd2grow is dedicated to the delivery of Addiction Education Services.

The core Adictd2grow program is a 12 step process designed to help you DISCOVER, UNDERSTAND and TRANSFORM any area of your life where you have been held back by self debilitating beliefs and or destructive addictive behaviour. 

The program is tried and proven and tailored to those who wish to OWN their unique magnificence.

It is NOT a program for the faint hearted, but for those READY to reclaim their power once and for all.

 There are 3 ways you can engage in the program:

(1)  Private 12 week Fast track – A program where you can fast track results over 12 weeks.

(2) Bespoke Group - Group programs can be designed in conjunction with said organisation to address key challenges.

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Pjero Mardesic founded Adictd2Grow over 10 years ago, it started as a personal training mantra, the idea that individuals would get addicted to growing a healthy body. Personal training however is just not about the physical transformation, it's 100% about mental transformation also which is why the foundation pillars were born, ie DISCOVER your genius ; UNDERSTAND finally what has been holding them back ; to TRANSFORM every aspect of your personal and professional life! 

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Adict2grow provides a step by step tried and proven formula to the generational issues facing our society at large, namely a strong solution to mental wellbeing for individuals, organisations interested in sustained change.

 Taking personal responsibility, mastering one's inner critic, transforming entrenched historical beliefs provide new found self awareness to experience the transformation you rightly deserve.

 Pjero Mardesic has spent the last 2 decades in varied leadership roles within a multitude of industry sectors namely Telecommunications, Finance, Human Resources, Recruitment, Personal Training, Automobile, Construction, Real Estate. During this time he also heavily invested into his own personal and professional development – extensive study into addiction, counselling, mentoring, sales psychology, mindset, habits, coping mechanisms, culture, & personal development.


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