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The biggest step that an individual can make is deciding to be committed to making a change in their life.   This is an empowering moment when EVERYTHING can change as a function of this declaration!  If you feel ready to embark on this journey then get ready to be supported in a way that you have never experienced for ‘support’ is integral to making a change of this magnitude!

Here are the 12 themes that are unique to the Adictd2grow core curriculum/teachings:-

Theme#1 – CLARITY – Week 1 – You will learn with crystal clear clarity how to develop a kickass plan to achieve the results you desire

Theme#2 – ACCOUNTABILITY – Week 2 - You will learn to be your word in a way that you never have to experience an accountability to yourself that you have never experienced

Theme#3 – OWNERSHIP - Week 3 - You will learn how take full responsibility for all of your decisions/actions/thoughts/feelings past and present such that you create full ownership of the results in all areas of your life

Theme#4 – VELOCITY – Week 4 – You will learn how to shift lifetime paradigms by ending the vicious cycle of self sabotage

Theme#5 – EMPOWERMENT - Week 5 - You will learn how to transform your self debilitating beliefs into beliefs that empower you to create a whole new future

Theme#6 – PURPOSE – Week 6 – You will learn to live with more congruency and heart centred passion where your purpose truly becomes your ‘true north’

Theme#7 – PERSONAL BOUNDARIES – Week 7 – You will learn how to implement personal boundaries to fuel your momentum, critical to achieve exponential results

Theme#8 – CHANGING THE STORY – Week 8 – You will learn how to reinvent your identity  and no longer live out of a story that no longer serves you

Theme#9 – RESILIENCE – Week 9 - You will learn how to build resilience to transition into the new reality sustainably

Theme#10 – INTEGRATION - Week 10 - You will learn how to reprogram your daily default based habits into powerhouse integrative habits that produce new evidence for your new reality

Theme#11 - DISCIPLINE - Week 11 - You will learn how to transform your relationship with discipline such that it becomes your new best friend

Theme#12 - CELEBRATION/GRATITUDE - Week 12 - You will learn how to celebrate, acknowledge & be grateful for what you have accomplished!


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